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HIST 141 - History of Asia to 1500
Surveys the foundations of Eastern civilization beginning with its origins in the River Valleys of India and China. Particular emphasis is given to the development of major Asian societies, noting the creation of stable political and economic systems, and the stimulation of significant cultural achievements. Among the cultures studied are those of India, China, and Japan.
S2 908N
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Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to: A. Identify significant geographic locations on maps of Asia. B. Demonstrate an understanding of traditional Asian societies. C. Analyze the major political, economic, social, and cultural changes and trends in in traditional Asian history. D. Critically analyze the political, economic, social, and cultural relationships among Asian societies and the relationship between Asian and western societies. E. Analyze Asia's relationship with "the West". F. Differentiate between primary and secondary sources and use both to analyze significant political, social, cultural, and economic developments in early Asian history. G. Use basic organizational, reading, and writing skills through primary and secondary sources and completing in-class and out-of-class reading and writing exercises. H. Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills. I. Compare and contrast the variety of historical perspectives and distinguish between the role of facts and interpretation in writing history.
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