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ENG 101 - Freshman Composition 1
This course is the first in a sequence of two freshman composition and rhetoric courses. It is designed for individuals planning to pursue a bachelor's degree as well as those who wish to develop proficiency in writing. Emphasis is on critical reading, organization, logical thought, paragraphing, development, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. Also studied will be argumentation and inductive/deductive reasoning.
C1 900
Placement according to the ASSET or COMPASS score, or completion of ENG 098 (English Fundamentals 2) with a "C" or better.
Textbook information available from the college bookstore at (309) 34.5259. All other materials available inside the college course management system the first day of class.
Carl Sandburg College: 2400 Tom L Wilson Blvd Galesburg, IL 61401 Phone: 3093415205