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MAT125 - College Algebra
College Algebra is designed to develop the algebra skills necessary for success in higher-level math and sciences courses. With extensive use of computer software, topics to be covered in this course include: exponential and logarithmic functions, linear and quadratic functions, higher-degree polynomial and rational functions, inverses and combinations of functions, graphs and graphical translations, circles, complex numbers, systems of equations, and the binomial theorem.
PREREQUISITE: MAT060 or MAT061 with a C or better, testing criteria or equivalent.
Please use the link below to get to the online bookstore. You will need to know the SRC course number (MAT125) and section number (T1) or contact SRC Bookstore at (309) 649-6295.
Hawkes Learning System is required
Spoon River College: 23235 North County Highway 22 Canton, IL 61520 Phone: 3096474645