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BIO145 - Microbes and Society
Microbes and Society is a general ciology course for non-majors. It duscusses such topics as the place of microbes in ecology and the environment, the uses of microbes in biotechnology, the role of microbes in food production, and the numerous ways that microbes contribute to the quality of our lives. It explores bioterrorism, examines the problem of antibiotic resistance, and surveys several microbial diseases of history and contemporary times.
L1 903
Please use the link below to get to the online bookstore. You will need to know the SRC course number (BIO145) and section number (T1) or contact SRC Bookstore at (309) 649-6295.
Spoon River College: 23235 North County Highway 22 Canton, IL 61520 Phone: 3096474645