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MAT120 - General Education Statistics
General Education Statistics covers elementary statistics to meet the general education requirement. Students acquire a reasonable level of statistical literacy and reasoning in this hands-on course. They learn to use statistics to analyze and develop solutions for professional, societal and even personal problems. (1.1-Articulated) [IAI Core Course Equivalent: M1 902] NOTE: This course is intended to meet the general education requirement. It is not intended to be a prerequisite to, nor a replacement for, courses in statistical methods (for business or social science), or mathematical statistics. Credit is not granted for both MAT 120 and MAT 220. A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is required.
A grade of C or higher in either MAT 096 (or equivalent) and MAT 079 or MAT 096 (or equivalent) and MAT 099, or appropriate score on mathematics placement test.
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