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BIOL 100 - Introduction to Biology
Intended for non-science majors. This course provides an introduction to important biological principles: (1) cellular biology including chemistry of life, cell structures, cell division, cell metabolism, classical and molecular genetics; (2) organismal biology including diversity, evolution, and ecology. 3 lecture hours; 2 lab hours per week. IAI: L1 900L. 0.000 OR 4.000 Credit hours 0.000 OR 3.000 Lecture hours 0.000 OR 2.000 Lab hours
L1 900L
Textbook information is available at You will need to know the BHC course number e.g. BL 201, and the section number.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to: A. Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method. B. Illustrate the chemical foundations of life. C. Relate the unifying role of cells to all living things. D. Describe the principles of both Mendelian and molecular genetics and their significance to evolutionary processes. E. Evaluate the evidence for evolution as an explanation for the diversity of life and classify organisms on the basis of evolutionary advances. F. Evaluate the importance of ecosystems and the influence of human activities on ecosystems.
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