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CS 121 - Intro to Computer Science
CS 911
Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score or MATH 086, 090, 091 "C" or better. CS 105 or instructor consent. Recommended co-requisite: MATH 112, MATH 118, MATH 124 or MATH 131. This course provides a disciplined approach to problem solving and algorithm development using a high level object-oriented language. Includes sequence, selection and repetition control structures; program design, coding, debugging, testing, and documentation; arrays, records, files and concepts in agile and test-driven development.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to: A. Analyze and explain the behavior of simple programs involving the fundamental programming constructs. B. Write programs with appropriate use of: data types, control structures, parameter passage, scope rules, arrays, records, and files. C. Identify and then write method definitions within a class, including the constructor methods, identify the need for parameters and be able to code them, show the limits of the scope of variables, including instance variables and local variables. D. Code necessary features of object oriented languages, inbcluding overloaded methods, pass-by-reference, pass-by-value, intrinsic data, return values, comments, simple exception catching, and assertions. E. Store data into arrays, including multidemsional arrays, and walk those arrays to access the data. F. Write a program that uses file I/O to provide persistence across multiple executions. G. Apply coding standards such as indentation and naming conventions. H. Design test cases and successfully debug programs. I. Trace the execution of a variety of code segments and write summaries of their computations.
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