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ACC 111 - Financial Accounting

This course presents accounting as an information system that produces basic financial statements, such as income statements, statements of owner's equity, cash flow statements, and balance sheets, primarily for external users of the business. Students study sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation ownership and journal transactions as they relate to business. The main content emphasis will be accounting for current assets and liabilities, long-term assets and liabilities, corporations' cash flow statements, and financial statement analyses. The accountant's role of analyzing and interpreting data for decision-making is also included.
High School Bookkeeping or Bookkeeping(BUS 124) and successful completion of Basics of College Reading & Writing(ENG 047) and Developmental Math(MAT 039) or equivalent.
Shawnee Community College: 8364 Shawnee College Road Ullin, IL 62992 Phone: 6186343200