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SPEC 114 - Interpersonal Communication

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Examines skills needed in informal face-to-face communications; emphasizes self concept and interaciton with others.
Textbook information is available at You will need to know the BHC course number, e.g., BL 201, and section number.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to: A. Demonstrate an understanding of how the self-concept, perception and emotion effect interpersonal communication and emotions in a variety of contexts. B. Describe how verbal and nonverbal styles of communication combine to create the total message and demonstrate congruency between these styles. C. Analyze the characteristics of effective and ineffective listening skills. Apply analysis to the improvement of listening skills and demonstrate active listening. D. Identify factors which encourage and discourage the development of positive interpersonal relationships including the relational dynamics, communication climate, and communication conflict and apply effective and assertive conflict resoulution skills. E. Analyze interpersonal communication techniques in a variety of relationships and situations.
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