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AH 105 - Medical Terminology
This course is an in depth presentation of medical language which will serve as a solid foundation for students interested in all health care related careers. Medical Terminology is the study of pronunciation, spelling, and definition of medical terms. It includes building from prefixes, suffixes, root words and combining forms and the use of appropriate abbreviations and symbols. Medical terminology for both health and disease is presented in relation to human structure and function. This course builds a framework by introducing the key elements in the formation, as well as the modification of, medical terms which then is applied to the specific body systems.
Please use the link below to get to the online bookstore. You will need to know the SRC course number (AH105) and section number (T1) or contact SRC Bookstore at (309) 649-6295.
Spoon River College: 23235 North County Highway 22 Canton, IL 61520 Phone: 3096474645