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VT 100 - Intro to Veterinary Technology
This course is an introduction to a profession in veterinary technology. Topics include the history of veterinary medicine, basic responsibilities and duties of veterinary technicians, veterinary hospital procedures and veterinary medical terminology. Students will be able to read and interpret medical charts and records as they develop a working knowledge of the verbal and written language of veterinary medicine.
Textbook information is available at You will need to know the BHC course number, e.g., BL 201, and the section number.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to: A. Describe the history of veterinary medicine B. Be familiar with various careers available to certified veterinary technicians C. Recognize various responsibilities and job duties of a certified veterinary technician. D. Understand technician utilization and team concepts of health care delivery E. Interpret veterinary medical terminology F. Interpret veterinary patient medical charts and records G. Utilize traditional and electronic media appropriate for veterinary technology.
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