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AH 140 - Health Records Management

This course is designed to provide an introduction of administrative processes from the arrival to the exit of the patient in a healthcare setting. They will use medical office simulations to learn how to collect, enter, maintain, analyze and store data into healthcare records while maintaining quality assurance. Students will learn to input patient information, schedule appointments and enter financial transactions with both paper and electronic systems. In addition, the students will produce various lists and reports. Students will gain knowledge and application of electronic health records for technologically advanced areas such as coding, transcription and health care statistics. These invaluable skills are important in effective financial management of healthcare practices.
Completion of a keyboarding course with a final grade of ā€œCā€ or better and completion of a high school or college computer course with a final grade of ā€œCā€ or better or appropriate proficiency or P/I.
Please use the link below to get to the online bookstore. You will need to know the SRC course number (AH140) and section number (T1) or contact SRC Bookstore at (309) 649-6295.
Spoon River College: 23235 North County Highway 22 Canton, IL 61520 Phone: 3096474645