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HEAL 102 - Foundations of Wellness
This course is intended to introduce the student to methods of improving fitness physically, mentally, and spiritually through the application of teaching principles and theories.
Materials: Textbook information is available at You will need to know the BHC course number, e.g., BL 201, and the section number.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to demonstrate the following skills: 1. Compare & evaluate the application of health wellness principles and theories in fitness situations. 2. Distinguish and assess the “best” fitness practices from successful instruction and conditioning. 3. Evaluate the psychological factors in wellness, which influence good/poor activity performance and manage exercise which result in improved physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life. 4. Communicate effectively about wellness and fitness through other mediums. 5. Identify the different types of approaches to educating those who are looking for ways to become more fitness oriented. 6. Form their own conditioning routine and be comfortable managing their own fitness programs. 7. Be familiar with the different phases of development. 8. Gain a better understanding of the relationship between the importance of fitness and making sure they maintain their programs that provide them with a well- managed fitness level. 9. Identify the key roles of instructor and student. 10. Find heavy emphasis on areas such as motivation, learning processes, types of reinforcement, & punishment.
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