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JOUR 221 (now MCA 221) - Intro to Mass Communication
JOUR 221 provides an overview of the nature, functions, and responsibilities of the mass communication industries (including newspaper, magazines, books, radio, television, and motion pictures) in a global environment with an emphasis on the media's role in American society.
Materials: Textbook information is available at You will need to know the BHC course number, e.g., BL 201, and the section number.
Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to demonstrate the following skills: A. Demonstrate an understanding of the reciprocal influence of the media and contemporary society. B. Apply communication theories to analyze the influence of mass communication systems on American society. C. Analyze representative research in mass communication. D. Trace the historical development of various media forms. E. Distinguish media functions-information, persuasion, entertainment, and transmission of culture. F. Comprehend methods of media organization, finance, and regulation in a global environment. G. Describe usage and impact of the various media. H. Critically analyze legal and ethical media issues.
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