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MAT105 - Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers I
The focus of this course is to deepen students' mathematical reasoning and problem solving through activities that focus on discovering more than one way to represent, communicate, and reflect on solution strategies. Topics include set theory, numeration systems, place value, whole number operations, fractions, ratios, proportions, decimals, and percents. MAT 105 is recommended for all elementary education majors (IAI: M1 903 MAT 105/205 sequence). In accordance with Illinois State Board of Education certification rules, all candidates seeking teacher certification are required by Spoon River College to obtain a grade of "C" or better in all directed general education courses, all core courses, and all courses in the option.
MAT 060 or MAT 061 with a grade of C or better, Testing Criteria, or Equivalent
Please use the link below to get to the online bookstore. You will need to know the SRC course number (MAT105) and section number (T1) or contact SRC Bookstore at (309) 649-6295.
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