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CHLD 110 - Intro to Human Verbal Development

This course focuses on the study of human communication, including the anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing, with an emphasis on speech and language development in children and the role of the practitioner in supporting first and second language acquisition. This course includes evidence-based curriculum and assessment strategies. Field Experiences required.
Placement at college level English [IAI GECC C1 900R], or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 99/101.
1) Shwartz, H. (2012). A Primer on Communication and Communicative Disorders. Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. (ISBN 9780205496365) 2) Tabors, P. (2008). One Child, Two Languages. Brookes Publishing, Baltimore, Maryland. (ISBN 978-1-55766-921-6)
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