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ITS 212 - Linux Shell Programming
The student will learn advanced techniques for creating, debugging, and analyzing customized scripts and performing complex text processing in the Linux environment. Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to demonstrate the following skills: A. Manipulate the file system B. Use the standard Unix editor 'vi' C. Use a variety of standard Unix commands D. Pipe commands together to create powerful compound statements E. Write shell scripts containing advanced programming constructs F. Combine shell scripts with Unix 'power tools' G. Debug shell scripts H. Use advanced features of 'sed' I. Write ‘awk’ programs to perform complex text processing J. Be able to write shell programs that utilize user-created variables, environment variables and be able to pass arguments between scripts K. Be able to write programs using a case statement, for loop, while loop along with conditions statements L. Be able to write code for signal trapping, user input and data cleansing
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