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AOM101 - Keyboarding I - Introduction
Keyboarding I - Introduction teaches the fundamentals of keyboarding by touch. The course emphasizes mastery of the keyboard, proper keyboarding techniques, and speed and accuracy. Students work on formatting documents such as basic business memos, letters, envelopes, reports and tables. Designed for students with no previous keyboarding training and those who need a refresher course. (1.2-Articulated) NOTE: This course requires intermediate reading, intermediate writing, and intermediate math. Online courses require advanced reading.
There are two required campus visits for this course during weeks 11 and 15, or earlier if student is ready for testing. Instructor is flexible and willing to work with student to schedule campus visits. Instructor is willing to work with off-campus proctored testing.
McHenry County College: 8900 US Hwy 14 Crystal Lake, IL 60012-2761 Phone: 8154558778