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ENG151 - English Composition I
Composition I teaches the fundamentals of effective writing combined with the reading of selected texts. Students read and write narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative prose with emphasis on clear, concise expression of ideas. (1.1-Articulated) [IAI Core Course Equivalent: C1 900] NOTE: An Advanced Placement English score of 3 grants a student 3 credit hours for ENG 151. Credit is given for ENG 151 if a student receives a CLEP score of 50 or more. A grade of C or higher is required for IAI transfer. For more information, see an academic advisor. This course requires advanced reading and intermediate writing.
C1 900
ENG095, Introduction to College Writing, (grade C or better) or successful performance on the College English Placement Test or equivalent as set by the MCC English Department.
This course will help you develop your writing skills to become an effective writer in the academic community. The course will emphasize ?writing as a process. The writer works on a draft over a period of time, usually beginning with a brainstorming session, to be followed by several stages of drafting, revising, and finally editing a satisfactory draft to obtain a final draft of the essay. Taking the reading assignments as a starting point, we will have discussions that will foster the exchange of ideas and further exploration of the topics discussed. Your essays will be based on the general topics discussed. You will choose your own focused topic for each of the essays you write. To evaluate and assign a grade to an essay, both the prewriting materials, its first draft and its final draft are taken into account. The quality of the final draft is as important as the quality of the all the drafts in the writing process.
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